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Strategy and performance
Sanlam investment case
Our material issues and highlights
Sanlam Group at a glance
Sanlam Group five-year review
Chairman’s report
Sanlam Board of directors and
committee memberships
Report by the Group Chief Executive
Executive committee
Corporate governance report
Sustainability review
Economic and financial markets review
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Sanlam personal finance
Sanlam developing markets
Sanlam UK
Institutional cluster
Financial review
Shareholders’ information
Capital and risk management report
Stock exchange performance
Annual financial statements 672 KB
Directors’ responsibility for financial reporting
Certificate by the Company Secretary
Report of the independent auditors
Directors’ report
Basis of presentation and accounting policies
Statement of financial position
Statement of comprehensive income
Statement of changes in equity
Cash flow statement
Notes to the financial statements
Sanlam Limited financial statements
Principal subsidiaries
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Notice of annual general meeting
Analysis of shareholders
Shareholders diary and administration