Executive committee

Johan van Zyl (54)
Appointed: 2001
Qualifications: PhD, DSc (Agric)
Group Chief Executive of Sanlam since March 2003.
Executive director of Sanlam Limited and Sanlam Life. Non-executive director of Santam, Sanlam Investment Management, Sanlam Netherlands Holding, Sanlam Developing Markets, Sanlam UK and MiWay Group Holdings. Council member of the University of Pretoria,Trustee of the Hans Merensky Trust and Chairman of ASISA (Association of Savings and Investment South Africa). 
Former Chief Executive of Santam, Vice-chancellor and Principal of the University of Pretoria.
Kobus Möller (51)
Appointed: 2003
Qualifications: BCompt (Hons), CA(SA), AMP (Harvard)
Appointed Financial Director in 2006.
Executive director of Sanlam Limited and Sanlam Life. Non-executive director of Santam, Sanlam Capital Markets, Sanlam Developing Markets, Sanlam UK, MiWay Group Holdings, Sanlam Investment Management and Channel Life.
Former Chief Executive: Finance of Sanlam Limited, Executive director: Operations and Finance of Sanlam Life, Executive director: Finance of Impala Platinum Holdings.
Ian Kirk (53)
Appointed: 2006
Qualifications: FCA (Ireland), CA(SA), HDip BDP (Wits)
Appointed Chief Executive Officer of Santam in 2007.
(Formerly Chief Executive: Strategy and Special Projects at Sanlam)
Director of Santam, Centriq Insurance Holdings, Centriq Insurance Company, Centriq Life Insurance Company, SAIA, The Standard General Insurance Company, Infinit Group Risk Solutions, SHA (Stalker Hutchison Admiral), Beaux Lane (SA) Properties, Nova Risk Partners, Relyant Insurance Company, Relyant Life Assurance Company, Customer Protection Insurance Company and Emerald Risk Transfer.
Former partner in PricewaterhouseCoopers, CEO of Capital Alliance Holdings, Deputy CEO of Liberty Group.
Lizé Lambrechts (47)
Appointed: 2002
Qualifications: BSc (Hons), FIA, EDP (Manchester)
Appointed Chief Executive of Sanlam Personal Finance in 2002.
Non-executive director of Sanlam Developing Markets, Sanlam Linked Investments, Sanlam Netherlands Holding, Merchant Investors Assurance, Channel Life and Director of Glacier Financial Holdings and Sanlam UK. Started her career in actuarial training in Sanlam in 1985 and held various senior positions in the Group's individual life business.
Yvonne Muthien (54)
Appointed: 2009
Qualifications: BA Hons (UWC), M.A.(Northwestern), DPhil (Oxford)
Appointed Chief Executive: Group Services in December 2009.
Executive director of Sanlam Limited and Sanlam Life. Non-executive director of Santam, trustee and director of Sasol Inzalo Foundation and Chairperson of the President's Advisory Council on National Orders. 
Former director of Aurecon, Sentech, SABC, Transnet and Mossgas. Former council member of the University of Stellenbosch.
Temba Mvusi (55)
Appointed: 2004
Qualifications: BA, ELP (Warton School of Business), MAP (Wits), PDP (UCT)
Appointed Chief Executive: Group Market Development in August 2005 after serving as Chief Executive: Group Services since January 2004.
Executive director of Sanlam Limited and Sanlam Life, Non-executive director of Sanlam Private Investments, Sanlam Developing Markets, Channel Life, Sanlam Investment Management, Sanlam Employee Benefits and The National Business Initiative. Council member of the Walter Sisulu University and Bishops Cape Town.
Former head of external interface at Sanlam Investment Management, General Manager of Gensec Property Services and Marketing Manager of Franklin Asset Management.
Johan van der Merwe (46)
Appointed: 2002
Qualifications: MCom, MPhil (Cantab), CA(SA), AMP (Harvard)
Appointed Chief Executive Officer of Sanlam Investment Management in July 2002
Executive director of Sanlam Investment Management, director of Sanlam UK, Sanlam International Investment Partners, Octane Holdings, Atterbury Investment Holdings.
Chairman of Sanlam Capital Markets, Sanlam Properties, Sanlam Multi Manager International, Sanlam Asset Management (Ireland), Sanlam Private Investments and Sanlam Collective Investments. Director of Atom Funds Management Pty Ltd, Eight Investment Partners Pty Limited, FOUR Capital Partners Limited, Sanlam International Investment Partners Limited, SIIP Mauritius, SIM International Investments Partners Australia Proprietary Limited. CEO of the Sanlam Institutional Cluster.
Heinie Werth (47)
Appointed: 2005
Qualifications: Hons B Accountancy, CA(SA), MBA (Stellenbosch), EDP (Manchester)
Appointed Chief Executive Officer of Sanlam Developing Markets in December 2005 after serving as Financial Director of Sanlam Life from April 2002.
Executive director of Sanlam Developing Markets, Non-executive director of Shriram Life Insurance (India), Botswana Insurance Holdings and CEO of Channel Life.
Former Senior General Manager (IT) of Sanlam Life, Financial Director of Sanlam Employee Benefits and Manager: Corporate Finance of Gencor and Financial Director of Kelgran.
André Zeeman (50)
Appointed: 2005
Qualifications: BCom, FASSA, CFP, EDP (Manchester)
Appointed Chief Actuary of Sanlam Limited and Statutory Actuary of Sanlam Life in September 2005.
Former Chief Executive: Actuarial of Sanlam Life and held various managerial positions in the Actuarial department since appointment at Sanlam in 1982.