The 2010 Sanlam Integrated Annual Report

This 2010 Sanlam Integrated Annual Report, together with our online Sustainability Report, is our first effort towards integrated reporting in accordance with the King III recommendations as well as the Integrated Reporting Committee’s Discussion Paper on Integrated Reporting.

We welcome these initiatives and we will continue to develop and improve our reporting efforts so as to further effectively demonstrate our overall long-term viability.

Since our establishment in 1918, Sanlam has been a consistent part of the South African business landscape. We have always held a long-term view of how business adapts to the demands of the environment in which it operates. Today, we see in a dynamic world an evolving set of social, economic, political and environmental imperatives that require our skilful response. For us at Sanlam, sustainable business practice means recognising both our broader responsibilities as an organisation in society, and the new opportunities that arise with this thinking.

Apart from our operational and financial reviews of our performance in 2010 in this Integrated Annual Report, we endeavour to cover some of the most material sustainability issues that we have identified for the Group throughout our reporting. In addition to our comprehensive on-line Sustainability Report on, this Integrated Report also includes a review of Group-wide sustainability issues.

We have chosen Sustainabilty as the central theme for this Integrated Annual Report and, as highlighted below, we in particular build on the theme of Living Waters in the Report through our partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).