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Mouse over glossary
Mouse over any word with a dotted underline and the definition, as defined by the issuer for this report, will pop-up.

Bookmarks and PDF writer
By clicking on the bookmark link top right on each page you can create you own personalised list of bookmarks. Your bookmarks are preserved uniquely for you by a small piece of text stored on your computer, commonly know as a “cookie”.

Please note that clearing or emptying your browser cache deletes these cookies.

When you click on the “View bookmarks” link you will be taken to your list of bookmarks. Here you will be able to select the pages that you would like to write to a PDF file.

The “Add notes” link top right enables you to add a private note to every page. You will be able to view your private notes on each page by clicking on the “View notes” link.

As with bookmarks, your notes will be preserved as long you don’t clear or empty your browser cache.

Interactive charts
On the five year review you will see links to “interactive charts”. These charts enable you to chart different line items on varying time scales.

Financial notes links
On the financial tables you will find that the notes are linked from the notes number.

Excel downloads
Excel files of the key financials are provided under the “downloads” button.

Popular and Useful external links
“Popular links” provide you with easy access to commonly accessed pages, while “Useful external links” list the pages outside of the report site that users typically look for.