Author: Samantha Young

  • Scenarios for the Future of Water in South Africa

    South Africa is still recovering from the effects of the 2016 drought. Most of us now have a heightened awareness of the impacts of droughts, floods and toxic algal blooms in our dams, which are predicted to get worse with climate change. Was this drought the wake-up call we needed to get us ready for a new normal?

  • Water: Facts and Futures

    Water has been in the headlines in South Africa for all the wrong reasons since late 2015. We have been gripped by the drought crisis, joining other regions of the world experiencing low rainfall in a warming world. Having been spared widespread shortages since the early 1990s, we had grown complacent and forgotten our natural claim to water scarcity.

  • Sustaining our Earth one water droplet at a time

    Each South African has a different view on what Sustainable Living means to them, to me, living sustainably is a lifestyle that encourages a conscience awareness of how much resources I am using on a daily basis and ways to reduce my footprint so that future generations are able exercise basic human needs such as breath clean air, drink clean water and eat fresh food.