“Ivory Coast: A coach of travelers overturns at the entrance of Divo” – Agence Ivoirienne de Presse

Incidents such as these have a severe socio-economic impact due to the related costs and the impact on families of victims. With the development of road networks and an increase in motorists in Morocco, accidents and breakdowns have increased proportionately. This has resulted in a greater need for roadside assistance.

Assistance services often supplement insurance services – thereby enabling customers to interact with insurance companies in a convenient way. If a policyholder is involved in an accident, for example, they will often be able to call roadside assistance and bene t from emergency roadside services. Ideally, this coordinates with any follow-up services that clients may need to le a claim. It is also in the insurer’s interest to provide assistance services to limit the damage that follows an accident and reduce the cost of reimbursement.

From their platform in Casablanca, Morocco, Saham Finance is taking this model one step further. With Saham Assistance, they are turning the claims channel around. From 2018, the claims team will move into roadside assistance as the rst port of call.

Saham Assistance offers towing services, on-site repair, ambulance services, replacement vehicles, and even hotel accommodation if incidents occur abroad. Call centre advisers are available to customers in real time around the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This service relies on a network of 600 centres in Morocco, and offers a global network of 240 correspondents and 400 000 service providers (doctors, nurses, paramedics, towing services, mechanics, and airline companies, among others).

Their mobile application, Saham Mobile, provides a platform from which clients can access the details of various insurance policies, with the benefit of personalised service. For example, clients can claim via the mobile application and follow the status of the claim’s process step-by-step.

Saham Mobile also offers geolocation, which traces clients in the event of accidents or breakdowns. This enables Saham Assistance to immediately send emergency or repair services. Clients can track the position and progress of assistance services on the app, and locate the nearest authorised repair centres.

Saham Assistance is exporting this expertise to other countries in the region, including the Ivory Coast and Cameroon.

In partnership with Saham Finance, SEM and Santam will support the development of Saham Assistance by providing the appropriate technical expertise and resources.

This collaboration provides a strong example of how we are leveraging our partnership model to offer our clients unique and holistic financial services solutions that respond to the expectations of individuals, organisations and society. It further supports our vision to be a leading Pan-African nancial services company – delivering financial solutions to regions and markets that are largely underpenetrated.

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