• Safeguard Sanlam’s assets;
  • Secure Sanlam’s information and data;
  • Support business sustainability;
  • Protect our reputation;
  • Align our interests with common values;
  • Unlock synergies (“Sanlam for Sanlam”);
  • Ensure the quality of financial results;
  • Implement to the benefit of all stakeholders;
  • and Ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

With an expanding footprint and operations in 34 countries across Africa, India and Malaysia, the SEM cluster faces a particular challenge to ensure strong governance, ethics and similar values in all in-country partners, as well as in the execution of all cross-border partnerships and strategic alliances. This is reflected in SEM’s strategy, which includes a strong focus on governance principles.

All subsidiaries are expected to con rm compliance with Sanlam’s governance principles in their annual board representation letters. This includes a focus on risk management, compliance and forensics, internal control, IT and information governance, information security, and nancial reporting. Board member onboarding and training is required to ensure that strong governance structures are in place in all in-country partners.

SEM’s oversight function enables the cluster to assess the ethics and compliance standard of subsidiaries and identify where risk management, ethics and compliance skills gaps exist. SEM assists where appropriate with support from the centre in developing skills, policies and frameworks to strengthen the governance controls of Sanlam’s network of emerging market businesses.

During the year, SEM initiated a series of one-day value and culture sessions with in-country partners. These sessions create opportunities to discuss how SEM and its business partners can align their workplace cultures, values and ethics, while retaining behaviours that are unique or speci cally important to their success.

Outcomes include:

  • An enhanced understanding of Sanlam and our vision
  • Recognising the importance of company culture, values and employee behaviour in being a successful company and member of Sanlam
  • Identifying the employee behaviours that are required internally to ensure that “what we stand for” shapes how we interact with customers and markets
  • Understanding the importance of “correct” employee behaviour
  • Countries reached during the year include Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda, Zambia, Malaysia, Namibia and Tanzania.
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